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Our Story

Astute Theory is your expert team with both the proven track record and knowledge to transform your business

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Our History

Long-term vision and trajectory

Over the past 10 years, we have established ourselves are one of the leading consulting firms in Australia. We have been the humbled recipients of numerous national awards like the Westpac Business of Tomorrow award, the 3AW Business award and the Momentum Energy award.

“When we created Astute Theory we had one simple goal: to help businesses succeed, no matter the size or requirement. We are unlike any other consulting firm out there.”

Robert Nisi

Astute Theory Co-founder

Uncover The Opportunities No One Sees

— Your Expert Team

Your trusted partner

We have the dynamic experience and proven track record to give the right advice. We are not like the majority of consulting firms that have failed to created their own business yet attempt to assist others.

We have represented the Australian and Victorian government on trade missions around the world. Our software solution is currently being used by some of the largest organisations in Australia and abroad.

The team at Astute Theory knows how to solve the problems you are currently facing in your business. Leverage from the knowledge of our team to gain Smarter Insights to create long term value.

Our Timeline

We lead by example. Here is a breakdown of the success we have accomplished over the past 10 years.

Astute Theory co-founders represented Australia in Singapore, showcasing their startup software development Dexterous PRO.  With Dexterous you can create smart and intuitive workflows to reduce time and increase staff productivity. Create all the workflows you require.

Astute Theory Co-founders win the prestigious Westpac Business of Tomorrow award.

Astute Theory Co-founder successfully sell/merge their boutique accounting firm to a larger firm. Increasing capacity by 50%

Astute Theory Co-founders successfully raised initial seed funding for their software company Dexterous PRO

Astute Theory co-founders represented Australia at London tech Week showcasing their industry leading Inventory Management system.

Astute Theory Co-founders successfully assisted in raising over $1 Million of funding for a start-up medical company

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Transforming Business Ideas Into Profits


We get it! Growing your business is hard, it’s cut-throat and many businesses fail no matter how much effort they put in. This is why you need the right team around you!

Robert Nisi

Co Founder

From creating and successfully selling startups, advising corporate and government departments. Robert has a long track record of achieving and delivering outstanding results.

Mark Abbott

Co Founder

Mark has an extensive background in providing advice and solutions to growing businesses. He is an experienced Director, Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA from Monash.

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Astute Theory is your expert team with both the proven track record and knowledge to transform your business.

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