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Astute Theory Platform

Build Your Dream Software!

The Astute Theory Platform is a set solution that feels like it was designed and developed specifically for your business.

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Configurated to fit your exact requirements!

Instead of creating industry solutions, we created functionality you can build on!

Whether you are looking to create software for your business or have a new concept or idea, Astute Theory has the resources,  experience and knowledge to bring your vision to life. Unlock the true potential of current software or frameworks being used, increase inefficiencies, save time and grow your business or concept. The Astute Theory platform is built on the Dexterous PRO framework, which allows your vision to be created into a viable software solution without limitation and a hefty price tag.


Create software with no boundaries. You determine the fields, structure, and design. From CRMs, Social Media Platforms, Interactive Websites or Warehouse Management Solutions. You can build it all with Astute Theory

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Do you have a process or procedure that you feel can be automated? Our framework has automated solutions for multiple industries from manufacturing, professional services, trades, education & retail sales 

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App Development

All apps start with an idea. It’s our job to develop the most intuitive mobile experience for your customers or staff and get your app approved on both iTunes & Google Play

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Unlock the true potential of current software or frameworks being used, increase efficiencies, save time and grow your organisation

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Machine Learning

Built on a proven Neuro Network technology gain a smarter understanding of your data. sort, filter and predict your data or information into lists and reports

Dynamic Reporting

Can’t find the report you need? Create reporting graphs for your departments and ensure management & staff are fully aware of milestones and goals. Determine, access levels to certain reports & data.

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A New Way To
Create Software

From CRMs, Inventory Management, Predictive Analytics, Online Portals or Mobile Apps you can build anything with the Astute Theory framework. Our solution is scalable for every requirement you have with Endless Features, Endless Configuration Options, and Endless Integrations.

Step Two: Framework

Our development team will start the system architecture to ensure your solution will be scalable and well setup

Step Three: Design

The creative part of the process. Our UI and UX team start designing layout screens and flows to ensure your solution is easy to navigate and use for your end-user

Step Four: Integration

If you are integrating any external apps like Google Maps or Microsoft 365 this is when we get both solutions to talk and share data

Step Five: Testing and Prepare For Launch

During this phase, we do extensive testing on your solution and either commence training with your staff or begin marketing your new product to potential new customers

Step One: Brainstorm

The Astute Theory team will workshop your concept and determine the right approach to build your solution

Seamless Integration.

Integrate Your Current Solutions

With the Astute Theory Full Restful API you have the capability to send data back and forth with your favourite apps. Make calculations, automated processes or predict outcomes. Astute gives you the ability to get more out of the applications you currently use.

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Software Insights

Get an understanding of the latest technologies and trend that Astute Theory can assist with.