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Our 3 Step Process will reshape your business and has a proven track record for success.

Business Analysis | Roadmap | Execution

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Business Analysis

Over the last decade, we have worked in numerous business sectors across various industries. We have enjoyed doing business with large corporations, small businesses, start-ups and even government agencies.

We will dive deep and diagnose the financial health of your company. Our team of accountants will comb through your data and see where your problems lie. Our team has over 35 years of experience working with businesses and reviewing P&L, Revenue, Expenses and Pricing.

One of the key areas we can look at reducing overheads and increasing revenue is reviewing all of your processes and procedures. You will be surprised at how much we can save your business, but also what new opportunities we will discover.

We do the research to see how you are currently positioned in the market. Our team analyzes the data to strategise how to rise above your competition.

We will provide your business with the right software solutions for maximum efficiency. We create integrations and synergies between all departments.

Roadmap to Success

Once we have completed a full business analysis we will create and work through your roadmap and path to success

Our team will present a plan custom-tailored to your business’ specific needs. We use the input from our team of experts to create a flexible guide that highlights each area of improvement.

Astute Theory will conduct workshops with the appropriate team members to get their insights and specific knowledge. These workshops are designed to deconstruct the missed opportunities discovered and demonstrate how we are going to implement change.


With all the analysis, research and workshops complete, it is time to implement the strategies we’ve created and see your business soar.

Time to execute our strategy. Our team will structure a way to implement change without disrupting day to day operations.

Once we have implemented the adjustments, it is important that we review the processes and ensure all staff have had adequate training to successfully follow the new processes and procedures.

Once all implemented, we will conduct monthly meetings to ensure that the strategy is working and make any minor adjustments as we go.

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