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Merge Data With Microsoft Word

At Astute Theory we are always trying to find new ways to improve efficiency for our clients. One of the biggest request so far was the ability to automatically generate word documents and merge any data either directly from your CRM, software solution, or an external source.

So the highly talented team at Astute Theory put their heads together and created Astute Documents. This latest feature gives you the ability to upload a Microsoft Word document template into the Astute Theory platform and feed any data that you have captured in the CRM. You can then print, email or store this document directly from Astute Theory. No more double handling, no more copying and pasting information.

This means your document keeps its structure and you don’t get any formatting issues that are common with online document builders.

However, from here we have actually taken it one step further. What happens if you would like to merge data into your word document that is not stored in the Astute Theory platform? Well, we solved that issue as well. You may want to prepare a proposal document for your client and also pull through some company information directly from XERO. Yep, you can do that also.

No matter if your question relates to this topic or about another one of our services, we offer a free initial 1 hour consultation to see how we can assist.

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