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Sharni Layton

We were appointed as the digital strategy and development team for Sharni Layton, one of Australia’s leading Australian Athletes and TV personalities.

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Sporting Superstar

The team at Astute Theory was excited to be working with an Australian sporting icon!

We were appointed as the digital strategy and development team for Sharni Layton, one of Australia’s leading athlete and TV personality.

How best to showcase an Australian sporting icon?

The project brief was we needed to create a standout website highlighting the career achievements of Sharni Layton. Focusing on her Netball career and achievements representing Australia as well as her transition to AFLW where she plays for Collingwood. At the same time, we needed to showcase her transition from professional sports into television.

This new website was to also be the launching pad for her new Sports Academy. Where Astute Theory was required to build an eCommerce membership platform allowing tomorrow’s future stars to join her academy.

It has to be easy to use

With our experience in working with high-profile clients, we took inspiration from some of Australia’s leading sports personalities that have successfully transitioned from Sports into entrepreneurship. Our team worked through a wireframe design process so that the client could visualise the vision our design team had.

The key focus of the website was to ensure the customer experience had an easy flow, we were able to lead the visitor to the right pages and have our “Call To Action” be intuitive and interactive. We also ensured that the signup membership process was seamless and guided the visitor through the correct channels and kept them informed each step.

It’s all about conversion

No matter if it’s sports or business at the end of the day everything we do is based on results! Anytime we work on a digital project for a client, one of our first questions is always around what are you looking to get out of the website or social media campaign? In this case, we were looking for conversion.

We were aiming to showcase Sharni and have people learn about her new Sports Academy. The hope was that as young aspiring athletes came across her website they would be interested in her Sports Academy and signup their interest. Not only has this strategy worked, but we have exceeded all expectations. This project really does highlight the possibility when you have the right strategy, design, and technical skills.

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